January 26, 2021

The Top 12 Misconceptions of Storm Damage Claims

In this series, I will help YOU, a homeowner or business owner understand the power that you have with your insurance policy. When you encounter storms with high winds and/or hail coming through your area affecting your home or business, you need guidance with your insurance company.  Your insurance agent won’t be able to speak to damage incurred after storms.  He or she couldn’t climb a roof to identify damages to shingles, if their life depended on it.  Your insurance company won’t inform you that you should have a qualified inspector look at your roof.  If they can collect your premiums, yet never have you file a claim, they are golden, literally!

At Choice Remodeling and Restoration,  we have more certifications than any adjuster the insurance company sends to your home.  It is prudent that you choose someone who is really on your side, who really is a good neighbor in the tri state area, whose hands help to support you through this process, so you can have freedom from worry as to whether or not your claim is fairly approved. Your home or business should be restored to pre-storm conditions.

Next, I will lay out over several posts, the top misconceptions of storm damage claims.

  1. My insurance rates will dramatically increase if I submit a claim – This is unequivocally FALSE.  One cannot be directly penalized for this claim. It is considered an “Act of God” claim.

Another question we get from our clients is whether or not their rates will be affected if they submit a claim.  If you backed into your home or caused a leak that damaged your house, it may cause an increase in the amount you pay for insurance.  A storm with high winds, hail, or lightning is an “Act of God” and is nonchargeable to the policy owner.

  1. After 90 days it is too late to report a claim.  This is FALSE.  

Most insurance companies MUST pay for storm related claims for a full year or more.  Don’t wait to have your roof inspected by our Haag Certified Inspector after a storm. Your insurance company wants you to file your claim swiftly.  This helps prevent further damage from unseen effects that homeowners are not trained to see.  You do not want to wait until the small leaks grow and break through your wall or ceiling.  Believe it or not, it is your obligation to file a claim if you believe there is potential damage after a storm.

Our Choice Project Consultants and Haag Certified Inspectors perform complimentary inspections of roof and siding.  Should we find legitimate and sufficient storm damage that warrants a claim, we guide you through the claims process. We help you get the best outcome possible.  Reach out through my Contact Me page or call my office at (302)353-5204 to set up a complimentary inspection.