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  • Date of birth
    February 14, 1979

  • Hobbies
    Travel, philanthropy, fitness, wine tasting, reading, personal growth, mentoring

From a very young age, I realized the value of taking calculated risks. Never fearing failure, I learned to bet on myself. Over time, I mastered the art of taking risks, and it got to the point where nothing seemed impossible anymore.

As I stacked up the wins, I realized that the only thing better than having all these personal victories would be to help others achieve the same success. Betting on myself changed my life. Now it’s time to bet on others, share my roadmap to success, and bless those that have that same inner spark I felt many years ago.



True abundance is a state of being that includes achieving prosperity in Spirit, Mind, and Body. The truth is that financial prosperity is actually the byproduct of living a truly abundant life.

Storm Restoration

A modern day gold rush. This opportunity exists when a Storm Restoration Expert is able to educate the Consumer on how to receive the highest value for the cost of their deductible.


Fitness is a both physical and financial investment with incredible return on investment. 


There is no reason to journey alone. Team up and accelerate your path to achieving your dreams.


Legion Transformation Center, Franchisee

2019 - Present

Infinite Fitness, Founder

1998 - 2001


University of Maryland College Park School of Engineering

1997 - 2000

The Bullis School

1992 - 1997


The Top 12 Misconceptions of Storm Damage Claims

In this series, I will help YOU, a homeowner or business owner understand the power that you have with your insurance policy. When you encounter storms with high winds and/or hail coming through your area affecting your home or business, you need guidance with your insurance company.  Your insurance agent won’t be able to speak to…

My Journey Thus Far

My journey begun in a blue collar family.  My mom, who is English, stayed home to raise me and my three siblings.  As the youngest of four, I was good natured and always made jokes, kind of the mascot of the family.  We all were taught great business principles from my Dad, an Italian, General…


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